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As Christmas 2019 approaches we are creating one of the most essential elements that undoubtedly help bring our experiences to life… The costumes! All costumes are designed in-house by the Eskimo Jo team before being sent to our superbly talented seamstress, Heidi. Heidi has worked with us for 8 years and certainly knows how to bring our vision to life – from Peter Rabbit to an eccentric chef, she’s done it all!

This year we have had the exciting task of designing brand-new costumes for a number of our sites this year. They are currently in Heidi’s safe hands but we will be sure to share them on our socials when the events start in November! We pride ourselves on our tailor-made costumes and always strive to create fun new designs for each event! HQ is bustling with energy at the moment as the festive season nears ever closer! Who else is excited?!

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