Seasonal Event Management

Children see magic because they look for it

Eskimo Jo Events is unique within the Christmas industry

We are the only grotto management company with the skill base and in-house experience to provide a professional combination of immersive theatre, operational expertise and technical comprehension to actually deliver a fully rounded, seamless and successful Christmas Grotto event.

Take A Peek

What gives our Eskimo events the experiential edge?

“We have over 10 years experience creating and delivering the most spectacular and meticulous seasonal events to some of the highest footfall retail sites in the UK!”

With 4 tenacious Eskimo Chiefs leading the Team we have proven to be a quadruple threat. Our skill spectrum covers Stage Management & Production, Performance & Direction, Sales & Marketing, Photography & IT software development – and that’s before we even touch on our combined Event Management experience!!

“Developing all skills in house has enabled us to offer our clients a consistently slick and seamless service.”

Creative development and execution

From completely unique Creative Concepts, Narrative and Script development to Brand License Partnerships, we produce and deliver fully immersive, theatrical events to retail sites.

With the clever development of layered characters and authentic costumes we provide opportunities to envelop your target audience into an extraordinary, transient and incredibly festive realm.

We source all of our talent in-house, from performers and puppeteers to theatrical hosts and immensely enjoy rehearsing our characters and directing their performances.

The design and creation of bespoke, beautifully tailored, fully themed costumes naturally enhances theatricality throughout our events and provides a perfectly, polished finish!

Talent sourcing and staffing

Our vast experience in co-ordinating multi scale grottos and productions with extremely high staffing levels of Actors, Performers and professional Brand Ambassadors all auditioned/cast/sourced in house to utilise individual skill sets encouraging a heightened excellence at our Eskimo events. Our thorough understanding of scheduling to customer demand ensures an accurate and effective staffing level throughout the LIVE period.

Our Eskimos work together to deliver a truly magical experience, absolutely accepting the incredible responsibility before them. Reinforced consistently by our ‘Teamwork makes the Dream work’ approach from igloo to event site encourages a positive spirit and energy that can only translate through to your customers.

Our Eskimos will carry your festive season with a great deal of heart, a twinkle in their eyes and a huge amount of meticulous organisation


If you’re looking for the ‘Big Man’ himself to make an appearance at a corporate, retail or children’s event then look no further! Either with or without a fabulous accompanying Elf, we source and supply talented actors with natural charisma to embrace this prestigious role and add a festive and cheery cherry on top of any Christmas activation. Our costumes and accessories are tailored to an incredibly high standard, ensuring a traditional and authentic appearance and we can even supply a selection of beautifully wrapped, age appropriate gifts for the occasion.

Vast operational expertise

Our performance, stage management and operational experience, combines to deliver a slick operation, particularly within an experiential setting.

With over 10 years of experience operating multiple Santa chambers at the highest footfall sites in the UK, delivering a seamless operation yet maintaining the magic has become second nature to our Eskimo teams.

Supported by and fully aligned with our in house ticketing system we provide a dependable formula for each event profile based on potentials for footfall and capacity without compromising on the customer experience providing an incredibly astute and effective operational flow to all of our events.

Online and onsite ticketing and Reporting

Eskimo Jo Events have written and developed a robust and dedicated Online and Onsite Ticketing system to ensure that we can deliver a military precise and incredibly versatile ticketing service to our clients and their customers whilst facilitating and monitoring the absolute smooth running of our live events. Our Ticketing system has been written with the intention of servicing the requirements for a high footfall Christmas Experience event however it is fully flexible and can be manipulated for use at any event where a ticketed entrance is required.

Our versatile Ticketing system offers our clients access to online live reporting during both pre event and live event days. We provide detailed analysis of all aspects of the event to include footfall statistics, financial and discount code reporting along with general sales data. We can also provide bespoke reporting post the event in various formats as and when required!

Digital Photography

Years of experience, developing and perfecting, has resulted in us being able to offer our very own bespoke turnkey Photography System with a uniquely flexible workflow that can easily be adapted for use across a variety of event applications. The software has been designed and developed by our in house programmers together with input from our professional photographers and is routinely reviewed and updated to ensure it remains robust enough to cope with the ever changing demands and challenges of live events! Particularly the fast flow of a multiple chamber Christmas grotto event!

We provide 24/7 technical support to our onsite teams to ensure a smooth and consistent level of service and we are proud to boast of zero photography down time at any of our Christmas event sites.

Santa's Gifts

We believe that Santa’s gift should be wrapped and presented to the quality expected from the Big Man himself, and therefore we take great pride in selecting and sourcing, excellent age appropriate gifts in house to be delivered to our very own Santa’s workshop where are happy team of Elves take the time to wrap and label them all beautifully just in time for the Christmas season to commence!

We challenge ourselves year on year to ensure we continue to evolve creatively and professionally whilst maintaining operational greatness and a strong awareness of the financial challenges involved, maximising ROI wherever possible

And for those smaller sites? Don’t worry, we still have it covered!

We absolutely love creating bespoke Christmas activations for clients with smaller event space available to ensure their customers are presented with an excellent, festive experience whilst maintaining a traditional grotto element, staying true to your customer’s expectation yet offering a creative twist to the norm.

Our commitment to authenticity and quality is consistent regardless of the size and scale of project.