Immersive events

Bravely taking risks and improving experiences across the broad event spectrum has resulted in being able to confidently offer both client and customer a higher quality service and performance level

From completely unique Creative Concepts, Narrative and Script development to Brand License Partnerships, we produce and deliver fully immersive, theatrical and experiential events.

With the clever development of creative spaces, layered characters and authentic costumes we provide opportunities to envelop your target audience into an extraordinary, transient realm.

Thorough operational planning, logistics and creative production development are absolutely paramount and this element we have down to a very fine art.

We source and cast all of our talent in-house, from performers and puppeteers to theatrical hosts and immensely enjoy rehearsing our characters and directing their performances.

Our Eskimos work together to deliver a truly memorable event experience, reinforced consistently by our ‘Teamwork makes the Dream work’ approach from igloo to event site encouraging a positive spirit and energy that can only translate through to the audience!