Visit’s to Santa are cherished by family’s all over the world, and therefore being able to offer our clients only the very best quality images and prints possible is right on top of our Christmas list!

We provide all of our event sites with a bespoke photographic system. This includes an integrated Point of Sale designed specifically to cater for Corporate and Retail applications e.g. Christmas Grottos, Character or Celebrity appearances, Promotional Launches or Visitor Attractions using the very latest digital equipment and high quality photo printers.

Images are available for the customer to view instantly and the system also cleverly allows for promotional logos and branding to be applied as the photographic gifts are produced!

Even in high footfall Christmas grotto sites where time is literally ‘of the essence’, our integrated systems ensure the whole photo selection and print production process is smooth, simple, seamless and most importantly….swift!! Our instant stunning images are printed out in seconds and can be magically mastered into a selection of high quality products within the blink of an eye, making the customers purchase decision a very easy one.

So far so good I here you say.

Hang on a second though….all your competitors offer something similar?? Agreed! However, what happens if there’s ever a glitch and the system needs a little TLC?

Well, seeing as we have two igloos, one based in the North and one in the South, you really won’t have to wait an ice age for one of our ice cool technicians to come tobogganing to the rescue!!