Welcome, welcome, do come in! Pull up a chair and warm your toes by the fire! You’ve just cleverly found Santa’s very own eskimo workshop; a secret igloo where year round hard work and of course a little magic reaches a festive climax, full of heart and imagination – with an event management team to knock your Christmas socks off!!

Our in-house eskimo event team has been created using the expertise of well respected directors and account managers from various established experiential and digital agencies, providing us with over 100 years of combined Santa experience.

We offer a comprehensive in house event service; pre event and live event management, staffing and costume provision, a bespoke digital photographic service with 24/7 on call engineers, an online ticketing and box office service and of course not forgetting the all important toy and gift supplies!!

We really are top of our game, and to top it all off, we proudly boast of operating from two igloos, North and South based, ensuring a slick and reliable service at all times! You really won't have to wait an ice age for our team to arrive on site to assist with planning or rescue any unpredictable cracks in the ice that can occasionally occur once an event is live.

Our aim is simple; to consistently deliver successful Christmas grotto experiences that entice families through the door year after year, capturing the hearts of the public and creating magical memories to be treasured.
Step into Christmas.....!!